ECCI is home to a wide range of innovative low carbon enterprises, from start-ups accessing funding, support and office space through the Climate-KIC programme at ECCI to companies who choose to base themselves in our award-winning sustainable building and join our thriving low carbon community.


AMPS is developing an innovative commercial software tool which can be licensed to network operators and consultants for electricity network planning. The new tool demonstrates that increased levels of demand and renewable generation can be integrated into the existing network and that active management of these can ensure the network will remain safe and reliable. AMPS has been supported through ECCI’s Ideas Lab.


A distributed energy management system which aggregates capacity from local heat pumps to provide heat and hot water at lower costs. Founder Jim Laidlaw is a successful entrepreneur from the oil and gas industry who now wants to make a difference by accelerating the adoption of renewable power generation. Boxergy is currently being supported through the Climate-KIC Accelerator programme at ECCI. 


Specialists in forest carbon mapping using state-of-the-art remote sensing methodologies and data processing. The company was spun out of the University of Edinburgh in 2013 after years of world-class research in the development of new forest mapping technologies and approaches. It was supported through ECCI’s Ideas Lab in its early stages.


Clean Water Wave

This start-up’s product is the CAFÉ (Clean Aqua for Everyone) filter, a robust water filter made from upcycled glass that can be provided to NGOs. Founder Stephanie Terreni Brown says she dreams of providing clean, safe water to 10 million people in the next 10 years. The company is currently being supported through the Climate-KIC Accelerator programme at ECCI.


Climate Futures

We are a multidisciplinary environmental consultancy, and are passionate about accelerating a sustainable future. We'd love to help you with improving the impact of your research, business and communication.



A crowdfunding service which allows small investors to invest in and benefit from productive forestry projects. Founder Hester Robertson aims to create forests as an investment for the future that people can enjoy in the present.


Colour Elements

Colour Elements’ digital personal colour services help customers create lean wardrobes where every garment makes the owner look great so it is kept and used for longer. Founder Karen Finlayson, who recently won investment at the ScottishEDGE competition, was one of the first entrepreneurs to be supported through ECCI’s Ideas Lab scheme.


East Africa Sisal

An ethical start-up business using sisal,  a sustainable fibre crop, to create innovative materials for environmental work and the built environment sector. Founder John Ferguson, a former ECCI Ideas Labber, has received an RSE Enterprise Fellowship to develop the business.


Housing Futures

Housing Futures funds and coordinates the development of affordable green housing and climate resilient communities by mobilising finance and technical expertise. Founder Iyobosa Irabor was supported to develop her business innovation through ECCI’s Ideas Lab.


IntelliDigest, currently taking part in the Climate-KIC Accelerator programme at ECCI, is developing the world’s first autonomous, resilient and ultra-small scale organic waste digester for onsite waste recycling to generate renewable energy and produce a highly valued bio-resource. Our aim is to efficiently convert all biodegradable waste to high value resource, reducing greenhouse gas emission and promoting a circular economy.


Kingdom Innovative Technologies

A former ECCI Ideas Labber, Kingdom Innovative Technologies is designing a bright and durable solar lantern for use by rural communities in Africa. Founder Joyce Onuonga, currently participating in the Climate-KIC Accelerator programme at ECCI, aims to reduce carbon emissions by offering a sustainable alternative to kerosene lamps.



Also a former ECCI Ideas Labber, MiAlgae uses waste water to grow microalgae that can be turned into Omega-rich feed for livestock and commercially-farmed fish. Founder Douglas Martin, a synthetic biologist, got the idea for the company after his work as a north sea engineer was halted by a large algal bloom and is currently participating in the Climate-KIC Accelerator programme at ECCI.


Mocean Energy

Mocean Energy is developing a hinged-raft ocean wave energy converter (WEC) that can produce significant amounts of energy, is mechanically simple and can survive large storms. The company – nurtured through ECCI’s Ideas Lab – aims to develop small devices for niche applications such as offshore platforms and fish farms, which will reduce cost and risk and provide a pathway to the utility market.



Former ECCI Ideas Labbers Retromixer sells an inexpensive mixing adapter for separate hot and cold taps that is quick and easy to install, compatible with most types of tap and reduces water consumption by 43%. Founders Denny Schenk and Artur Napiorkowski invented the device after coming to the UK as students and soon becoming tired of separate taps for scalding hot and freezing cold water. The company is currently being supported through the Climate-KIC Accelerator programme at ECCI.


Scene Consulting

One of the first start-ups to be supported by ECCI, Scene Consulting are a social enterprise focused on strengthening communities through consultancy, research and development of ICT products. Scene works across the renewable energy and energy access sectors.

Pictured: Director Vijay Bhopal winning Entrepreneur Award at Scottish Renewables Young Professionals Green Energy Awards 2015



Sociovestix Labs

ECCI's newest resident is Sociovestix Labs, a social enterprise with the mission to understand societal demands and to transfer these into actionable insights for responsible investments. The company’s expertise lies in computational science and advanced financial statistics, with academics based at the University of Edinburgh and the University of Cambridge.


WHRL solutions  

Former ECCI Ideas Labber WHRL Solutions has developed a system which generates free hot water on an industrial scale by capturing the heat shipped by refrigeration systems in the most economical way seen in the market today. Adoption of our technologies means a large energy resource that is currently being wasted can be recycled, with a global impact on climate change.


Windair System

Windair System is an innovative cleantech company run by Godwin Osigwe which provides an inexpensive, energy efficient product for controlling the temperature of a living environment. The former ECCI Ideas Labber’s patent-pending ‘active window’ system helps to maintain comfortable room temperatures without the need for energy-hungry air conditioners.