Deutsche Post DHL Innovation Suite

The Deutche Post/DHL INNOVATION SUITE brings together talented people from diverse backgrounds & disciplines, in a world-class collaborative environment, all seeking to create a low carbon future. 

Unique for an innovation centre, we welcome any idea / organisation that shares our low carbon vision: from small businesses, large corporates and social enterprises; to public sector and voluntary organisations.

Become a Resident

If you’d like to become a resident or know someone who would contact us: or 0131 650 5326.







2020 Climate Group

The 2020 Climate Group was set up in 2009, as a collaboration between all sectors of Scotland’s civic society to enable activities to contribute fully to achieving Scotland’s ambitious climate change targets.The 2020 Climate Group has membership of approximately 140 individuals from 100 different organisations across Scotland.

Alliance for Water Stewardship

The AWS Standard is a globally-consistent framework that outlines the expectations of responsible water stewardship.

Association of Carbon Professionals

The Association of Carbon Professionals (ACP) exists to bring together like-minded individuals who share a common interest in assisting society with successfully transitioning to a low carbon economy. The Association aims to establish itself as the recognised professional body representing all those who work on reducing carbon emissions directly or indirectly through offsets and markets.

Asia Scotland Institute

Asia Scotland Institute is a young, evolving nonprofit organisation whose mission is to equip Scotland's leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to engage with Asia in a way that their enterprising forebears did.

The Institute promotes awareness, understanding and collaboration between Scotland and Asia through our unique programme of events.

Carbo Map

Carbomap applies state-of-the-art science to the problem of measuring and mapping the world's forest carbon.

GeoGeo - GIS for International Development

Contact Paul Georgie, Founder & CEO:

GeoGeo aims to promote the very latest mapping technologies across the world, helping communities, organisations and governments alike benefit from them.

Highlands & Islands Enterprises

Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) is the Scottish Government's economic and community development agency for a diverse region which covers more than half of Scotland and is home to around 450,000 people. Diane Duncan is Head of Low Carbon at Highlands and Islands Enterprise. She leads HIE’s activities aimed at supporting the development of a sustainable low carbon economy and representing the area’s interests with decision makers locally, nationally and internationally.



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Kingdom Innovative Technologies Ltd (KINNOTECH) is focused on developing cutting edge technology products and services to meet and exceed expectations. We aim to develop a unique development hub that focuses on developing future applicable technologies in energy and weighing electronics and software.

Royal Bank of Scotland

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Five RBS team members take turns using one desk in the Innovation Suite to maximise exposure and interaction for the Energy and Sustainability teams. ECCI partners with RBS Business School to deliver Executive Education Programmes. More information:

Scene Consulting

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Scene is a social enterprise that is focused on growing the community energy sector through research and consultancy services. We formed in 2011 and have worked for community groups, think-tanks and academic institutions throughout the UK.

Scottish Environmental Services Association


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The Scottish Environmental Services Association (SESA) is the sectoral trade association representing Scotland's managers of waste and secondary resources.

We work with the Scottish Parliament, Scottish Government, local authorities and regulators to make Scotland's economy and environment more sustainable by further increasing recycling and improving the management of resources in waste. 


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We are changemakers and knowledge brokers working towards a sustainable society, within and beyond Scotland. Our vision is a society which is empowered and enabled to be resilient to environmental change and in particular to a changing climate. We take a solutions-focused approach, demonstrating intelligence, capability and influence.