The ACP is a professional body set up to:

  • Support and develop a community of professionals who work on reducing carbon emissions either directly, or indirectly through offsets and energy and carbon markets, with the aim of speeding the transition to a low carbon economy. For example; carbon managers, carbon traders and analysts, energy managers, facilities managers, climate change policy makers, carbon management students and academic or professional researchers, as well as lawyers, accountants and financiers who also have a stake in the shift to a low carbon economy.

  • Advance the skills development of professionals working on climate change mitigation, carbon management or in carbon trading.

  • Raise awareness of and support the establishment of recognised professional accreditation standards relevant to carbon professionals.

The idea behind the ‘clinic’ is to draw together people working to reduce emissions and provide an informal setting for them to talk about relevant topics, network and exchange solutions for their problems. At the first regional event in Edinburgh, ACP welcomed Carbon Masters to present their recently published report on the CRC EE Performance League Table and Fife Council along for a discussion around the impact of the CRC on their organisation.