Low Carbon Entrepreneurship & Investment

This two-day workshop brings together entrepreneurs, investors, senior corporate executives and policy makers from across Europe with some of the world’s leading authorities on the topic of low carbon ventures. Over the course of the two days, three vital areas will be addressed which are fundamental to our continued drive and ambition to deliver a low-carbon economy:


Entrepreneurshipn and investment are clearly different for each subsector such as energy efficiency, smart-grids, carbon sequestration, transportation. With renewable energy being divided further into methods such as wind, wave, solar and biofuels. The workshop content and structure reflects this complexity but will be generically accessible to those across all sectors.



Around half of the limited workshop places are reserved for Entrepreneurs and Company Directors who are building businesses for the low-carbon economy. Both in the renewable energy sector and more broadly with any companies working on green or clean innovative services or technology products.


The workshop value is correlated to the expertise of participants. In the workshop, via panels discussions and the interactive style of delivery, we will draw out lessons to be learned for investors, industry leaders and policy makers. Of course a key objective is to hear the current challenges facing entrepreneurs outwith their portfolio, to share experiences, to network and see new opportunities.


  • To understand different venture fund strategies – from investee and investor perspectives.
  • To learn about global difficulties faced by low carbon entrepreneurs and investors.
  • Networking and deal-flow with fellow entrepreneurs, investors and industry leaders.
  • To have an interactive and action-led discussion on the future of nlow-carbon entrepreneurship and investment in Scotland, within a global context.

The first ECCI Low Carbonn Entrepreneurship Executive Skills course took place in Edinburgh in January 2012, in partnership with the Royal Bank of Scotland and with leading entrepreneur instructors from MIT and Harvard Universities. Visit the 2012 course website.