Green Events Guide

Download the Green Events Guide here.

Here at the Edinburgh Centre we are committed to decrease our environmental footprint from everyday business operations, therefore we want to engage our staff, clients and contractors in this effort.

Hosting event at the ECCI will significantly contribute to your event’s sustainability how- ever there is always a way to improve and make your next conference or meeting greener. We have prepared an informative guide to provide with some inspiration on how to achieve that.

Our Green Events Guide is available to all staff, clients and contractors. Simply pick one up at reception or download it here.


If you would like to contact us to seek advice or discuss different sustainability options please direct your queries to: 



When entering the ECCI please support us through our efforts on behaving sustainably and responsi- bly. As we are committed to run all our operations in the sustainable manner we would be greatfull if you could adhere to our environmental policy and the following rules:

Conserve Energy

Please switch off lights when not in the room and close windows if the heat- ing or cooling is on. Do not leave AV equipment on if not needed. You can view ECCI’s current energy usage on the screen in the main atrium and if you are seeking advice on energy efficiency please visit the Energy Saving Trust website.

Travel Sustainably

As ECCI is located in the heart of Edinburgh please consider using public transport or cycling to reduce the CO2 emissions. When travelling by car please consider services provided by the City Car Club. For advise on how to sustainably travel to ECCI please visit our website.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We care about separating all waste therefore please use the recyling stations provided accordingly. If you need advice how to segragate waste please contact recep- tion.

Be Water Wise

There are water filling stations across the venue for you to source the drinkable water. When using venue toilet facilities, please use water wisely and do remember not to leave taps running.

Respect Nature

Help us to look after the landscape and wildlife by not littering, guarding against fire and using footpaths and cycle-ways responsibly.

Buy Locally

We are very fortunate to have some fantastic local suppliers of food and drinks through our catering provider Edinburgh First. By supporting local suppliers you contribute to decreasing event’s environmental footprint.



Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, opened in 2010, is a national hub for the knowledge; innovation and skills required to create a low carbon economy and is the first of its kind in the United Kingdom. ECCI creates a unique platform for the vibrant communities, networks and partnerships of ‘low carbon’ leaders. At the Centre we aim to join up forward thinkers to accelerate & catalyze large-scale projects and we use our network to help companies drive innovation into their supply chains to create new kinds of low carbon products and services.

In 2013 centre has moved in to the new BREEAM outstanding (design stage) building which is a first ever refurbished project achieving this certificate. Since moving to our new location in High School Yards, ECCI expanded its actions and currently is focusing on three clear functions: 

•        Enterprise & Innovation

•        Skills & Learning 

•        Policy

ECCI is furthermore providing with the teaching space for over sixty MSc students from the University of Edinburgh and the workspace for various SMEs. Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation is also a unique award winning green venue with the outstanding conference and meeting facilities. As a working business building the Centre hosts companies and organisations with around 1000 people through its doors every month for events.

Although main activities of the ECCI are currently based on the UK we do extend our area of work globally through various projects to countries such as China or Ecuador. Furthermore some of the residents are also expanding to or currently are delivering their services to the international audience. 

Download ECCI's Sustainability Policy