Ideas Lab Round Four

ECCI's Ideas Lab - Scotland’s only dedicated low carbon ideas accelerator – welcomed seven new residents in November 2016.

Each fought off tough competition and navigated three stages of pitching to secure a base at ECCI, embarking on a programme of specialist support and networking opportunities over the next 6-12 months.

The diverse and talented bunch will be developing a wide range of low carbon ideas, from a system that generates hot water for free on an industrial scale by capturing heat shipped from refrigeration systems, to a business aiming to provide affordable solar lanterns to developing countries. Read on to find out more. 

Pictured above: Michael & Steven of Shoal Community Ltd - all images by Colin Hattersley



AMPS aimis to develop an innovative tool for planning the future electricity networks. 

"My business idea, being at a very early stage is to develop the work I have undertaken for my PhD and develop it into a commercial software product which can be licensed to network operators and consultants for planning purposes. The idea is to permit understanding of how actively managed renewable generation can benefit by deferring investment which would otherwise be required for increase in traditional connections whether that is demand or generation. The new software tool demonstrates that increased levels of demand and renewable generation can be integrated into the existing network and by actively managing these new assets, the network can still remain in a safe, secure and reliable operation." Steven Conner 

Steven Conner / / 07769159369



Applying the most advanced techniques in biotechnology, Intellidigest are set to enhance integrated waste management process by making available an Intelligent Anaerobic digester, IntelliAD. 

As a compact nanoscale anaerobic digester that is evolved specifically to treat foodwaste at the premises where food waste is generated, IntelliAD harnesses the total energy content in foodwaste, eliminates 8.3 kg of CO2 emitted into the environment per truck per tonne of food waste collected as well as providing a healthy working environment for workers. 

In addition, the product of the digestion process will enable the use of clean energy as electricity will be generated and encourage urban small scale nursery as users make use of the biosolids from the process. I look forward to a world where food waste will no longer be a contributory factor to climate change. Let IntelliAD handle your food waste efficiently and make you a Climate change hero.

Ifeyinwa Rita Kanu / / 07795523201 



Kingdom Innovative Technologies is developing a robust solar powered lantern to meet the need of lighting and mobile charging for off grid use particularly in the developing countries. The lantern is robust and sustainable designed with replaceable parts. It is an alternative to pico solar lights which break easily and end up in landfill.The lantern will save users money after the one off cost of purchase no more paraffin cost and they will also charge their mobile phones at home free, phones are essential for communication and banking in rural communities.  

Joyce Onuonga /  / O7789372630

Tio White /  / 077893726374     



Ocean wave energy is the largest untapped source of renewable energy on the planet. Extracting 1% of the available resource could power 50M homes, saving 100M tonnes of C02. To date, wave energy has been too expensive, and the development path for utility-scale devices is risky. Mocean Energy is developing a wave energy converter that can produce significant energy, is mechanically simple, and can survive large storms. Our business model is to develop small devices for niche applications such as offshore platforms and fish farms, which will reduce cost and risk and provide a pathway to the utility market.

Cameron McNatt, Chris Retzler / / 07852 328117



MiAlgae is a novel algae production company that aims to revolutionize the £340 billion global livestock feed industry by producing microalgal products through the remediation of wastewater. These microalgal products will be used as nutrient substitutes for fishmeal in livestock feeds.

By integrating nutrient recycling into the production process, MiAlgae is able to reduce the production costs of a product that has significant value, all the while reducing the pressure on our vital fish stocks and reducing nutrient pollution of fresh water systems.

Douglas Martin / / 077 9537 3610



Shoal is an app for start-ups and freelancers to find places to work from and people to work with. Like couch-surfing for co-working, Shoal allows members to share their space with others and be more connected to a community of like-minded people that inspire one-another in the day to day of running their businesses. Work from anywhere. Be connected. Be inspired. Shoal Together. 

Shoal are: Michael Cockburn, Steven Jeans, Nicolas Fernandez, Lewis Phillips, Colin McColloch, Sadiah Mir.

Michael Cockburn / / 07717664828



Our system generates hot water for free on an industrial scale by capturing the heat shipped by refrigeration systems in the most economical way seen in the market today. Our initial target markets are food manufacturers and large scale dairy farms. We are also developing a small scale version for smaller operations.

Stephen Faulkner / / 07831626448


Andy Kerr, ECCI Executive Director said:

We’re pleased to welcome the fourth intake into the ECCI’s Low Carbon Ideas Lab. The seven new companies are a fantastic example of the breath and depth of the talented and innovative low carbon ideas being generated in Scotland and only serves to prove that amid all the political upheaval and uncertainty in the wider world, low carbon business innovation is thriving.”

Charlotte Waugh, Innovation Manager said:

"We are delighted to welcome such a diverse and interesting intake to ECCI’s Low Carbon Ideas Lab. I think they aptly illustrate the wide ranging nature of the opportunities around lowering Carbon emissions and that this need truly is cross sector, spanning land use, smart cities, transport, food and drink and water use. Following on from the Paris Agreement there is clearly an increasing need for new ideas, practices and technologies across the globe to find solutions to emission targets.

ECCI will support these businesses and entrepreneurs over the next 6 – 12 months and will help link them with these opportunities and with the best in academic excellence to speed up their routes to market.  ECCI’s Low Carbon Ideas Lab  is delighted to be sponsored by S&W for a second year. S&W will be providing legal advice and support to the Ideas Lab residents through 2017."

Sponsors & Mentors

NERC / Noble Ox / Shepperd and Wedderburn

Residents benefit from regular legal clinics with experts from Ideas Lab sponsors Shepherd and Wedderburn and an opportunity to work with a NERC (Natural Environment Research Council) funded PhD researcher.

For the first time this year ECCI is partnerting with Noble Ox. Noble Ox experts will offer guidance and mentorship for Ideas Lab residents to help drive forward their new business ideas. 

Noble Ox is built upon a solid foundation of over twenty years’ brand marketing experience across cultural, corporate and third sectors. More often than not, we work with people who aim to enhance quality of life for people and the planet. Every year, Noble Ox supports social innovation through its programmes of brand marketing workshops and 1-2-1 mentoring.  

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