Ideas Lab Round One

Water Engine

Euan Hogg & Stan Johnston, Directors at Silver Hydro

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Silver Hydro are developing an innovative low-head micro hydro technology called the Water Engine.

The Water Engine has been designed to have minimal impact on river systems as the unit doesn’t require a weir across the water course, so the natural ecology and hydrology are not affected.

This increases the number of water courses viable for hydro deployment.

Colour Elements  

Karen Finlayson, Founder and CEO 


Colour Elements™ helps customers create lean wardrobes® where every garment makes the owner look great so it is kept and used for longer.

Colour Elements digital personal colour helps customers shop wisely on and off-line while keeping sustainable fashion dynamic and relevant to shoppers. 

MicroFarm - Closed-loop zero-carbon greenhouse

MicroFarm Greenhouses by the Urban Farming Company

Jason Marenikeji, Founder & CEO at Urban Farming


MicroFarm: A closed-loop zero-carbon greenhouse with the capacity to support crop food production throughout the full year without the financial expense and environmental damage of fossil fuels.

It seeks to optimise its growing environment using interventions based on solar passive architectural principles and sustainable energy sources.

It does this by using system by-products (organic waste) as sustainable biofuel energy operating as a holistic self-generating system enabling the recycling of energy and nutrient resources.

It seeks to attain a [near] zero-waste operating system ultimately resulting in an environmentally benign and net carbon-zero growing space.

Town Rock Energy Limited - Scotland's first deep geothermal energy consultancy company

David Townsend, Founder & CEO at Town Rock Energy


Town Rock Energy is a geothermal energy consultancy company that specialises in the evaluation of deep aquifer (or HSA or Hot Sedimentary Aquifer) geothermal resources.

Due to the complexity and risk involved with drilling to the depths required to utilise these resources our services to date are "ahead of their time" by about five to ten years. 


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