Spring 2015: Ideas Lab 2nd intake

Ideas include a hybrid renewable energy technology for harvesting solar and wind energy from roads; an ethical manufacturing company looking for a natural replacement for fiberglass; and a former John Logie Baird Entrepreneur of the Year, now developing a cleantech alternative for air conditioning units.

East Africa Sisal Company Ltd - John Ferguson




The East Africa Sisal Company ltd buys sisal, a super-strong a highly sustainable fibre crop from farmers in East Africa for a fair price, processing it into strong but biodegradable fabrics for a variety of environmental applications, and exporting them to the UK.

Capture Mobility - Sidra & Sanwal Muneer

sanwal@capturemobility.co.uk and sidra@capturemobility.co.uk

Brother and sister duo Sidra and Sanwal Muneer have created an hybrid renewable energy technology for harvesting solar and wind energy from roads.

Dynamic Media Display - Rachel Connolly


Dynamic Media Display is a new start up business that is looking to change the way that retailers communicate with the outside world and their customers. Removing the reliance on paper and improving their reach through digital means.

Windair Systems Ltd - Godwin Osigwe


Windair Systems Limited is an innovative low-carbon & cleantech company based in Edinburgh Scotland UK. The company is launching an inexpensive energy efficient and eco-friendly product for controlling the temperature of a living environment. Our product is an “active window” system that acts like an air-conditioning unit helping to maintain very comfortable room temperatures within domestic and commercial premises thereby removing/reducing the need for energy-hungry air-conditioners.

Mibit - Tom Rickerby


“We all have an obligation to reduce our environmental footprint and embrace a more sustainable way of life – This is my bit”. Mibit combines integrated smart meter and cloud based carbon/energy management software with a linked carbon reduction reward scheme for the SME market. 

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