Masters programmes at ECCI

ECCI's Masters Hub is home to around 60 students studying to attain Masters degrees in topics related to ECCI's vision for a low carbon future.

The Masters courses on offer at ECCI are each sensitive to the fast-changing policy and business environment, and are particularly allied to the new and emerging industries for a low carbon society, which they aspire to help create.

Each programme provides access to leading businesses and government agencies, with benefits both for the students and the sectors in which they operate. Dynamic, innovative Master-level students are at the heart of ECCI's vision to create change in Scotland, the UK and the rest of the world.


  • Carbon Management

  • Carbon Finance

  • Carbon Capture and Storage

  • Environmental Law

  • Marine Systems & Policy

  • Ecosystems Services

See a full list of the courses on offer further down the page. Click on the links for more information on course content, location and likely outcomes in order to find the right course for you.

MSc in Carbon Management

MSc in Carbon Finance

MSc. in Carbon Capture & Storage

LLM in Global Environment & Climate Change Law

MSc in Marine Systems and Policy

MSc Ecosystems Services

Low-carbon and Environmental Sustainability Projects for Businesses in Scotland

Engaging with Masters students on projects can be a great way of getting some specialist research and analysis done, test-drive future talent and build connections with Universities. Follow the link below to a number of opportunities to engage with Masters students across Scotland on projects relating to low-carbon business and environmental sustainability.

Low-carbon and Environmental Sustainability Projects

Case studies and examples of previous projects can be found here