ECCI is delivering a pilot project engaging people in Scotland with Online S3, an EU-funded digital platform bringing together free strategy and entrepreneurship tools to help people in any sector or role produce a smart specialisation strategy.

Smart specialisation aims to boost economic growth by fostering existing strengths and skills in research and innovation. The EU is proposing to make the production of a smart specialisation strategy a requirement for receiving money from the European Structural and Investment Funds.

Despite Brexit, smart specialisation will remain integral to the future of enterprise and innovation in Scotland and the UK. The Scottish Government is committed to taking a smart specialisation approach to growth and competitiveness, embedding it in its current Economic Strategy. The UK Government’s Industrial Strategy and City Deal funding mechanism hinge on fostering thematic clusters of innovation in cities and regions.

ECCI’s role is to gather feedback from businesses, public sector organisations, students, researchers and others to inform the development of the Online S3 tools.


To explore the Online S3 toolbox, visit, register and click on ‘How to form RIS3’ to browse through the applications.

Please note the applications are still under development so some of them may not be available at present - and your feedback will help to improve them as we test and learn.

You can then choose to complete an anonymous questionnaire (approx. 10 mins) on one or more of the tools in the Online S3 toolbox.

Please remember to press 'submit' at the end so that your responses are included. The input you provide through the questionnaire will shape the further development of the tools. 

Further information

For further information about the Online S3 project, please contact Helen Dunk, ECCI Communications Manager ( or 0131 651 4687) or Katherine Maxwell, Project and Innovation Officer ( or 0131 651 4383).

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.