Policy Interface


We collaborate with government, enterprise and academics to help craft smart climate and energy policy.

ECCI is also the base for ClimateXChange – Scotland’s Centre of Expertise on Climate Change, which provides independent, authoritative advice to Government policy teams and public agencies to support low carbon & climate policy.


ClimateXChange is Scotland's centre of expertise on climate change. We provide a research, advice and analysis service to Scottish Government policy teams and associated public agencies on the transition to a low carbon economy and adapting to a changing climate.

Researchers from 15 of Scotland's leading research and higher education institutions are members of ClimateXChange but the Centre also commissions research from outwith this network.

The Centre is run by directors and a secretariat based at James Hutton Institute, Aberdeen University, Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation and Sniffer, a charity working on environmental change and climate resilience.

Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation works closely with CXC to engage with the Scottish Government on developing low carbon policy.

ClimateXChange outputs & impacts

CXC has helped shape community energy policy by providing advice and evidence about barriers and success factors, as well as highlighting where we might look for the economic value and wider benefits of projects. 
CXC is at the heart of thinking on the emergent theme of local energy economies,  feeding in world class research capacity to help identify where value lies and how it can be retained. We also help policy makers considering system-wide issues.

  • Worked directly with around 20 policy teams within the Scottish Government and agencies to deliver policy relevant research, advice and analysis across the themes of Energy, Forestry, Natural Environment, Transport and Agriculture.

  • Outputs have been delivered by directly funded posts and commissioned projects, including approximately 100 academic staff across 15 academic institutions.

  • ClimateXChange is working directly with the Adaptation Sub Committee and the Scottish Government’s climate change team to measure Scotland’s progress in adapting to climate change.

  • ClimateXChange members have directly informed policymakers by delivering evidence to the Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee.

Download ClimateXChange Annual Report:


Vist ClimateXChange at ECCI's base at High School Yards.


Contact the Secritariat

The Directorate is supported by a Secretariat, which provides management support for the Directorate, manages the call-down enquiry service, supports the three Workstreams and fourteen Workstrands and communicates and promotes ClimateXChange’s research outputs.

Ragne Low, Project Manager

Ragne's role in ClimateXChange’s Secretariat is to help align research outputs with policy needs and to promote knowledge exchange between the research community and policy-makers. Ragne comes from a public policy background, with eight years’ experience of working in central government, and more recently has also worked in climate change consultancy.

Sarah Govan, Knowledge Manager

Sarah is the Knowledge Officer in ClimateXChange - Scotland's Centre of Expertise on Climate Change. Her role in ClimateXChange's Secretariat is to help align research outputs with policy needs and to promote knowledge exchange between the research community and policy-makers. 

Darcy Pimlett, Information Officer

Darcy is Information Officer at ClimateXChange – Scotland’s Centre of Expertise on Climate Change – and is responsible for harmonising the use of datasets relating to the centre’s core activities and promoting the integration of information amongst its members.

Anne Marte Bergseng, Communications, Engagement and Marketing Manager

Anne Marte joined Sniffer in March 2012 to provide media, communications and stakeholder engagement support across the organisation’s work. She has extensive experience from PR, events and public engagement roles, particularly relating to health and the environment, and has also worked as a broadcast journalist.

Lee Callaghan, Administrator

Lee Callaghan is ClimateXChange's administrator. Contact Lee:

+44(0)131 651 4783


CXC Directorate

As the champions of ClimateXChange, the Directorate comprises of three Directors and five Workstream leads.  As well as managing the organisation and guiding the work of the Workstreams, the Directorate’s role is to represent ClimateXChange, and to act as the first point of contact between the knowledge base and Government. The Directorate also commissions work from contractors outside the organisation to meet specific policy needs.

Andy Kerr, ECCI
Director, Policy
Dominic Moran
Mitigation Workstream Lead
Scottish Agricultural College

Eileen Wall
Scottish Agricultural College

Prof. Pete Smith
University of Dundee

Iain Brown, James Hutton Institute Iain Gordon
Director, Main Research Providers
David Elston
Significance, Risk & Uncertainty Workstream Lead
Biomathematics & Statistics Scotland