RSE Fellows

ECCI is home to two RSE Enterprise Fellows, who benefit from our world class office space and the opportunity to be a part of our vibrant low carbon community.


John Ferguson

John Ferguson (pictured above), a former ECCI Ideas Labber, has received a fellowship to develop his ethical business making sustainable textiles from sisal, a super-strong, highly sustainable fibre crop. The East Africa Sisal Company uses the material to develop innovative biodegradable fabrics for the building industry and a variety of environmental applications, including peatland restoration.



Murray Collins

Murray Collins’ fellowship is to support the spin-out of a green IT company called Space Intelligence. Space Intelligence uses remote sensing data, mostly from radar satellites, to make maps of forests around the world and monitor how these forests are being affected by human activity such as deforestation. The company has existing users including governments, businesses and conservation groups in the UK, Sierra Leone and Cambodia and is planning to rapidly expand over the next five years.

Murray Collins