What is the global problem?

  • A huge reliance on fossil fuels

  • An ever growing population - 7 billion and counting

  • A 75% rise in energy demand forcast by 2030

Twenty first century challenges cannot be solved by Governments, businesses, communities or researchers working in isolation. The need for constructive collaboration and coordination to solve multifaceted challenges has never been stronger. Yet existing organisational structures and cultures hinder effective responses to these challenges. The Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation has been created in response to that challenge.

How do we solve this Global Problem?

By bringing together governments, businesses, communities and academics together and by taking risks on good ideas

We can only create a low carbon future with the right people, ideas, vision, technology and resources to make it happen

  • People: To bring about change, culture and behaviour are as important as new technologies.
  • Ideas: We don’t lack ideas, what we lack is delivery (accepting many will not work).
  • Technologies: Information and material technologies are advancing radically, but this isn’t yet reflected in products and services. 

What will ECCI do?

  • Bring together business, Government, communities and researchers to innovate and solve complex problems
  • Build low carbon capacity through worldwide professional skills training
  • Connect high growth, low carbon companies to the right people, investment and markets

Our new building

Edinburgh’s historic Old High School will be transformed into a state of the art, energy efficient hub for knowledge, innovation and skills. 

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How can you contribute to a low carbon future?

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