ECCI's academic outreach programme attracts 500 visitors from all over the world

04 June 2013

ECCI's new building at High School Yards has been a rich source of learning and teaching material for academic and non-academic vistors, with around 500 vistors coming to the building since the project began.

The 500 visitors have included undergraduate and postgraduate students, researchers, programme leaders and private and public sector representatives, all interested in the innovative design, engineering and building methods used in the unique project, some coming from as far as China, India and all across Europe.

The content of lectures and tours have been largely led by project architect Calum Duncan, who has skillfully tailored his indispensable knowledge of the project for the large array of technical and non-technical visitors.

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The outreach programme has proven such a success that course leaders will be commissioning an educational film and tour of the building with architect Calum Duncan so that future students may benefit from the learnings from the project.

The building is also being used as a source of data by a number of researchers and academics. Stuart Moir is examining sustainability assessment methods in his PhD; Jennie Spiers Grant is examing the work of ECCI as a whole as our Artist in Residence; and as the building opens Engineering students will be using the building energy data as a 'living lab' for their studies.

You can read some insights into Stuart Moir's PhD project here: with a teaser below...

What does sustainability mean to you? Sure, you’ve probably seen the Venn diagram model. You know, three overlapping circles representing environment, society and economy with sustainability residing at the centre of the diagram, where all three circles partially coincide. Perhaps you know of other sustainability models (click here for an overview). But what do they really mean?

Read Stuart's blog entry in full here:

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An innovative approach to design and construction could also see the ECCI become the first refurbished building in the world to achieve the industry sustainability BREEAM standard of Outstanding.         

More information: 

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Academic disciplines using the building as a resource include:

  • Architecture Environment and Technology, University of Edinburgh

  • LLM programme in Global Environment and Climate Change Law, University of Edinburgh

  • Masters of Architecture (Architectural Technology Research), University of Edinburgh

  • MSc Carbon Management, University of Edinburgh

  • MSc Environmental Sustainability, University of Edinburgh

  • MSc Carbon Management in the Built Environment, Heriot-Watt University

  • MSc Carbon Management in the Built Environment, Heriot-Watt University

  • Engineering module in Sustainable Development, Scottish Energy Centre, Edinburgh Napier University

  • MSc Environmental Sustainability, Scottish Energy Centre, Edinburgh Napier University

  • Modern Methods of Construction, Edinburgh Napier University

Get in touch, arrange a visit

ECCI and all the stakeholders involved in the build are keen to share the knowledge and learnings from the project. If you think the building project could be of interest to you or your students please get in touch to arrange a briefing and/or visit. Visits will be timed with key construction phases and led by the lead architect and/or site manager.