Archangel’s looking for heavenly returns in energy efficiency

02 July 2013

by ECCI's Andrew Mitchell. 

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Every time you use NetThings® an Angel gets their wings.

I couldn’t resist using a line from my favourite film to start this post about Ewgeco’s new energy management platform. If, like Clarence, Archangel’s are down the angelic hierarchy, Ewgeco certainly had their senior team of heavenly counselors out in force at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation. Rather appropriate that the ECCI’s temporary home before moving in to their own energy efficient hub, is a 140 year old Presbyterian church.

Gathered to support Ewgeco’s “Evening with NetThings®” was a sizeable, enthusiastic and engaged audience from the low-carbon business community and notables such as Chairman of Scottish Enterprise, Crawford Gillies; Archangel co-founder, Barry Sealey; Chairman of Archangel’s, Gavin Gemmell; Chief Executive of Archangel Informal Investment, John Waddell and Investment Executive, Mary Jane Brouwers.

Archangel Informal Investment’s backing of Ewgeco is testament to their long-term and growing contribution to the development of Scotland’s low-carbon economy. Their portfolio includes other low-carbon ventures such as Airborne Energy (small scale wind turbines); Flexitricity (the first open-market electricity supply and demand system); Oregon Timber Frame(environmentally sound construction suppliers); and Oxy-Gen Combustion (internal combustion engine emission reduction). on

Andrew Mitchell is also blogging at on his experiences as the only non US pitch judge of the US DoE National Clean Energy Business Plan Competition.

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