ECCI Birthday message: vibrant start points to a positive future ahead

14 October 2014

ECCI celebrates first birthday at High School Yards with around 150 invited guests.

Executive Director Andy Kerr draws attention to a vibrant first year and a bright, low carbon future.

Now with a complement of 21 staff, an innovation suite full of low carbon enterprises and organisations, 150 Masters students, a building of the year award (Edinburgh Architectural Association) averaging 1200 people per month for relevant events and a constant flow of innovative ideas and projects, the centre is establishing itself as an important player in the low carbon community – here inScotland and abroad.

the sheer vibrancy of the engagement with big social challenges by people across Scotland suggests a bright future 

Addressing the asssembled 150 or so ECCI community members, Executive Director Andy Kerr said: "One year after the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation moved into Edinburgh’s famous old High School, the sheer vibrancy of the engagement with big social challenges by different enterprises – public, private, academic and community – and by people across Scotland suggests a bright future. Making public promises is easy. Delivering on such promises, on contested topics, is very difficult. But when engaged politicians, vibrant social and business enterprise, a supportive public sector and a strong university base are able to work together, delivery starts to look a lot easier."

Over this first year in situ in the newly refurbished, low carbon building, partnerships and emerging projects from the cities and islands of Scotland have been generated and nurtured. While connections to the Asia Pacific, Latin America and North America are being forged. ECCI plans to open its first Asia-Pacific outpost in Hong Kong in 2015 and is closely connected with the University of Edinburgh’s newest international centres in Sao Paulo, Brazil and the centre in New York City due to open later in October 2014.

In addition to providing a hub for innovation that has actively supported over 1000 enterprises and organisations to develop low carbon products and services, the centre funds and offers six Masters scholarships. MSc students are embedded in the centre in order to take advantage of the low carbon community and on-site access to developing businesses and ideas. The site itself is home to two electric-vehicle charging points and the new City Car Club electric vehicle as well as multiple bike storage facilities to encourage low carbon travel.