2020 Climate Group Announces Fourteen Bold Activities

07 April 2014

Scotland’s 2020 Climate Group today launched 14 bold activities for 2014, which were identified as priority areas of work, as the Group continues to tackle climate change. One of which included supporting ECCI's Ideas Lab - set up to develop 5 – 10 low carbon business development projects in 2014 and identify further opportunities to inspire new and established entrepreneurs to get involved in low carbon.

The 2020 Climate Group, which was set up in 2009, was formed to bring the private, public and third sectors together, to address the Scottish Government’s plan to reduce carbon emissions by 42% by 2020 through its collaborative philosophy.

The 14 activities for 2014 include the Convention of Parties (COP) 2015 in Paris. Victoria Barby, Project Director of the Group explains; “The Group will identify a range of key practical business examples of adapting and implementing transformational sustainable business practices. In collaboration with a range of key business leaders, it will prepare and publish a route-map blueprint document from Scotland’s business community to go to the COP in 2015, showcasing the collaborative nature of the 2020 Group in Scotland.”

Another priority area the activities set out is Big Data where the Group will identify and scope the delivery of two projects to accelerate the uptake of big/open data in transport, energy and waste.

Read about the 14 bold activities here: http://www.2020climategroup.org.uk/news/ambitious-activities-launched-by-climate-group/

ECCI's Ideas Lab: http://lowcarbonideaslab.org