30 September 2016

Creative Carbon Scotland (CCS) will welcome eight Scotland-based artists from a variety of disciplines to Cove Park on the Rosneath Peninsula, this weekend to explore and reflect upon humanity’s impact on the planet and the role of the arts in transitioning to a more environmentally sustainable society.

Over 100 artists from across Scotland applied to be a part of this residency, which will equip artists with opportunities to think about the role of cultural practices, learn from one another and develop their own work in relation to environmental sustainability. Artists are not expected to produce new work during the short residency, but rather use the experience as a springboard for future development in relation to residency themes and wider social change.

Working in partnership with Cove Park, Creative Carbon Scotland’s third annual artist residency will focus on the Anthropocene, a period of geological time which places humanity at the centre of the recent global environmental changes.

On choosing the topic of the Anthropocene, CCS Director, Ben Twist, said: “The Anthropocene marks a significant shift in how we understand humanity’s role and responsibility in relation to issues such as climate change. Exploring this topic during the residency offers an important opportunity for Scotland’s artists to consider how their practices could contribute to a wider cultural movement towards a low-carbon future.”

Co-facilitating the artist residency will be Jan Bebbington, Professor of Accounting and Sustainable Development, St Andrews Sustainability Institute, and Lex ter Braak, Director, Van Eyck Institute, Maastrict, Netherlands. Joining the facilitation team, Jan Bebbington said: "I am excited to share time and conversations with this talented group of creative people and I am sure my understandings of the Anthropocene will change and deepen from the engagement. Residencies are wonderful settings in which to create shared understanding across disciplines and practice settings."

Catrin Kemp, Assistant Director of Cove Park, said: “We are hugely excited to be welcoming CCS and those selected for this multidisciplinary Arts & Sustainability residency to Cove Park. This group will be the first to take over the entire 50-acre site since the opening of our brand new £1.4m Artists Centre. Cove Park offers artists from across the world a unique space to develop their ideas, and we hope that this residency will spark fresh creative thinking around how the major themes related to the Anthropocene might be communicated to audiences.”