ECCI's DHL Innovation Suite Up and Running

18 November 2013

ECCI's DHL Innovation Suite is up and running and now home to five full time residents.

Residents range from: the nerve centre of the 2020 Climate Group - a collection of 140 individuals from 100 the largest businesses in Scotland, the Government, local authorities, universities, charities and SMEs Working together to deliver a low carbon future for Scotland through smarter collaborations and better conversations; the UK's first professional network exclusively for carbon professionals - the Association of Carbon Professionals; carbon reporting and monitoring specialists Carbon MastersHighlands & Islands Enterprises' low carbon team; community energy specialists and social enterprise Sustainable Community Energy Network; and Sustainable Heat and Power - specialists in financing and supporting successful sustainable energy projects.

In order to maximise this strand of activity, ECCI is delighted to be partnering with Edinburgh City Council and Edinburgh's Colleges on the Edinburgh Interspace project. This new ERDF funded initative will develop and enhance synergies between Edinburgh's existing incubators and accelerators to create effective knowledge exchange, enhance existing services and provide a central portal to announce internationally that 'Edinburgh is open for business and ready to incubate ideas and business'.

In addition ECCI will enhance support for innovation in our soon to be launched 'ideation' suite which will focus on supporting new low carbon ideas to be accelerated and integrated into existing or new business models and enterprises. Low carbon education and skills will also be provided to Edinburgh's 'incubated' business community.

More info coming soon.