‘Dreams of a Low Carbon Future project’ joins the line up for Edinburgh International Science Festival

06 March 2015

Ever wondered what the future will look like?

Concerned about humanity’s impact on the planet?

A team of researchers from the Low Carbon Technologies department at Leeds University asked 370 school children, 40 Engineering PhD researchers, dozens of world-leading academics, and 25 comic artists, designers, and writers to visualise their ideas.

The result is a graphic novel entitled ‘Dreams of a Low Carbon Future’, due to be showcased at ECCI during the Edinburgh International Science Festival on April 17th and 18th.


The project received a grant of £25k from the Royal Academy of Engineering to produce and distribute 6,000 copies of the graphic novel to schools, museums, community groups and the general public at science and arts festivals, as a way of raising awareness of climate change and low carbon technologies.

The graphic novel was shortlisted for a national award for the public understanding of science in the category ‘Engaging Young People’ (NCCPE Engage Awards 2014).

The project team are now working on a sequel. Whereas the previous graphic novel examined various possible futures, both bad and good, the new book will visualise (through creative writing and illustrations) a positive, sustainable society in the UK in 2150AD.

This is not intended to be a Utopia – the society will be dealing with severe consequences of climate change among other things – but will provide a powerful positive message by showing what a sustainable future could look like. 150 researchers, academics, artists, writers and others have already contributed to the new project.

Members of the public are encouraged to participate through activities at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation as part of Edinburgh International Science Festival 18th April 2015.

Contact: James Mckay Centre Manager, EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Low Carbon Technologies Tel: 0113 343 2556 j.mckay@leeds.ac.uk www.engineering.leeds.ac.uk/lowcarbon