ECCI Resident hosts Sustainable Fashion Masterclass at Glasgow Apple Store

01 May 2015

ECCI Ideas Lab Resident Karen Finlayson, CEO of Colour Elements, shared her innovative new app with Apple customers as part of a Sustainable Fashion Masterclass in the Glasgow Apple store last night.

The app digitally converts a colour classification system developed by Colour Elements aimed to help customers make wise colour choices.

The app will be located in retail spaces to help staff guide customers to colours that make them look great – increasing sales that will not be returned and preventing the waste of clothes that lie unworn in wardrobes.

Karen said: "The event was proof of the value for customers who know which colours make them look great. We now need to look at a means of assessing whether building a wardrobe of clothes that compliment the customer regarding colour will encourage them to buy less.  

We were excited to see the effect of spreading the word of sustainable fashion through social media – the bloggers who attended the event were brilliant at sharing the concept and opening the world of Colour Elements to a completely new market."

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