ECCI and University of Edinburgh forge links with Ecuadorian Government

22 August 2014

The University of Edinburgh has joined up with the Ecuadorian Government to collaborate on climate change policy, renewable energy technologies and solutions to reduce Green House Gas emissions. ECCI will be a major force in driving the collaborative activty forward.

On 21st July the Principal of the University of Edinburgh Sir Timothy O’Shea met with officials of the Office of Vice President Dr. Sergio Ruiz and the Vice Minister of Energy Ing. Medardo Cadena to sign the Framework agreement in Quito, the capital city of Ecuador.

At the meeting with the Vice Minister a Framework agreement between the Minister of Energy and the University of Edinburgh was signed. This agreement calls on both parties to develop within the scope of their respective areas of expertise the following activities:

“Provide advice on the design and implementation of public policies for the promotion of renewable energies and energy efficiency within the continental and island territories of the Republic of Ecuador” and

Provide advice on the design and implementation of projects to reduce green house gas emissions and the use of fossil fuels through the efficient use of renewable energies and energy efficiency”

Also pictured is Ing. Francisco Cevallos Principal Assessor to the Vice President, Dalinda Perez Alvarez Rodriguez Director, Office of the Americas International Office University of Edinburgh, Kevin J Houston CEO Carbon Masters accompanied the Principal at these meetings, along with Jorge Luis Hidalgo University of Edinburgh Alumni Representative and also Business Development LATAM for Carbon Masters. Both are alumni of the University’s landmark Carbon Management post graduate programme, housed at ECCI.

Carbon Masters, one of the residents of ECCI's unique, collaobrative working environment - Deutsche Post DHL Innovation Suite, is a carbon management company specializing in assisting companies to measure and then reduce their GHG emissions, lowering their costs and improving their energy efficiency. It is headquartered in Edinburgh at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation and has offices in Bangalore India and Quito Ecuador. Its has been working in Ecuador with Pfizer, Adelca, Corporacion Favorita and CNT and has recently become a member of the chamber.

Links with Ecuador build on ECCI's growing international network of people, projects, partnerships and centres to accelerate the exchange and implementation of good ideas, resources and sustainable economic development. More information below.


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