ECCI photographer wins award

04 June 2013

Elizabete Rancane, the photographer capturing the contruction of ECCI's new building at High School Yards for a documentary project, has won an award for her final degree show.

Elizabete won the Andrew Grant Bequest 2013 Scholarship for her Bachelor of Arts with Honours Photography. The award is aimed to help young, talented photographers to pay for travel, materials for equipment, or to assist with an institutional exchange.

The series of work "Couple Portraits in the Age of Globalization" investigates portraiture and issues exploring identity, relationships and cultural diversity, using analogue photographic methods.

Elizabeth said: "I am very honoured to receive the Andrew Grant Bequest. Now I can concentrate on creating my new project and developing myself even further after the graduation. I hope to find great success in the industry and create inspiring work."

Visit Elizabete's website to see this project in full.

Documentary Project

For the last 12 months Elizabete has been capturing and chronicling the story of the High School Yards build which will be displayed in an exhibition at the opening of the building. 

Elizabete has also been inspired to create two side projects. She has created a series of images using an electron microscope to photograph materials used in the build; as well as using innovative printing methods to produce a series of 'aged' images of the historic building and recent archaelogical finds. The images will all be displayed in an exhibition at the new building.

You can see some of Elizabete's work from High School Yards here:

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