ECCI in Chile

07 June 2016

Held in the Chilean capital of Santiago, the conference featured Edinburgh experts on energy and aimed to build key connections between Chile and Scotland. 

Together with the Minister of Energy, Maximo Pacheco, eight experts from the University of Edinburgh addressed the energy connection between Chile and Scotland, as potential global poles of renewable energy. Experts from Edinburgh shared some clues about the experience of Scotland in the use of, and transition to, clean energy. They also discussed how to operate and plan electricity markets and regulation.

Recognising Scotland's ambitious and world-leading emissions targets the Minister of Energy presented on "The energy challenges of Chile by 2050" and proposed that over the next 30 years, with a composite electrical grid, at least 70% of renewable energy could come from wind, solar and hydro power. 

The aim of the trip was to build partnerships and explore the role of a potential low carbon hub in Santiago, Chile – to add to the placement of the University office there. Chile has some of the leading low carbon energy ambitions in Latin America and ECCI hopes to help partners and SMEs to share Scottish knowledge on delivering low carbon energy systems. 

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