ECCI's Head of Innovation to Attend Oxford Summer Programme

14 June 2016

RBS Head of Sustainability, Sefton Laing said; “We are delighted to have successfully nominated Ed Craig from ECCI to take part in this prestigous and compritive programme. We are confident his background in business economics combined with his experience in building ECCI will allow him to effectively contribute as well as gaining valuable insights for the University and Scotland regarding the economic impact of the global economy."

OUBEP is unique. For a start, it is the only external faculty of Oxford University; it is believed to be the oldest business education course in the world; and it brings together an international gathering of bright minds from the worlds of industry, public sector and non-governmental organisations to better understand and discuss the economic impact of the global economy. OUBEP ( was created in the ‘political soup’ of post WW2 Britain and designed to "…to bring the ‘leaders of tomorrow’ from the public and private sectors together, to better understand modern economic thinking and therefore the bigger picture in which they would one day operate.” 

ECCI is pleased to support Ed on this endeavor and looking forward to sharing his learning with our team. Ed is also a recent recipient of a Queens Award for Innovation- through his work with Edinburgh Napier who was awarded the Queens Award for Innovation in 2016 for its work on sustainable construction and timber.