'Help Us Solve a Global Problem': ECCI Appeal Hits 12k Doormats

12 June 2012

ECCI's first direct marketing appeal will hit the doormats of around 12,000 University of Edinburgh alumni this morning. 

In collaboration with the university's Alumni & Development Office, ECCI is seeking donations and support from ex-students and friends of the University, as well as bolstering our ever growing community of contributors, collaborators and members of the 'hub'.

How can I donate?

The appeal invites potential donours to help ECCI 'solve a global problem':

  • A huge reliance on fossil fuels

  • An ever growing population - 7 billion and counting

  • A 75% rise in energy demand forcast by 2030


And details the ways that the Centre will overcome this enormous challenge:

By bringing together governments, businesses, communities and academics together and by taking risks on good ideas

We can only create a low carbon future with the right people, ideas, vision, technology and resources to make it happen

  • People: To bring about change, culture and behaviour are as important as new technologies.
  • Ideas: We don’t lack ideas, what we lack is delivery (accepting many will not work).
  • Technologies: Information and material technologies are advancing radically, but this isn’t yet reflected in products and services.


As well as detailing what difference donations will make:

5 gifts of £1000

Will fund a growing business innovation award. One of the activities helping ECCI create a £167m boost to the global low carbon economy over 10 years.

5 gifts of £500

Will provide the space and place for industry, government and communities to come together. Helping ECCI deliver effective solutions to complex problems.

5 gifts of £100

Will allow prospective students access to our online CPD courses. Helping ECCI to build capacity and create the low carbon leaders and innovators of the future.


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Look out for news on our digital campaign soon during which will be creating a bit of a fuss (read discussion and debate) on our Linked In pages...