10m Funding boost for low carbon business support announced at ECCI HQ

29 February 2012

ECCI was chosen as the launchpad for a new energy and low carbon investment scheme expected to create a £40m boost to the Scottish economy. Finance Minister John Swinney visited the Centre to announce a £10m Scottish government investment inn six innovative projects created to support small and medium sized businesses across Scotland with the development of low carbon technologies, products and services.

Around 1000 businesses are expected to benefit from the projects, which are being funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Scottish Government, Scottish Enterprisethe Scottish Funding Council, Scottish universities, Adam Smith College and Heliex Power Ltd. Together they will create more than 50 full time posts, increase ncompany turnover by up to £40 million and leverage in additional projectn funding.

The six projects will be open to SMEs in a wide range of sectors including energy, food and drink, agriculture, forestry, construction and the rural industries. All of the projects will support ntechnology development, emissions reduction and Scotland’s ambitions as an low carbon economy. The Energy Technology Partnership (ETP), an alliance of 12 Scottish universities, will provide a coordination role across the six projects to help maximise their combined impact.

Finance Secretary John Swinney said: "I am delighted to launch these six projects, which promise to deliver jobs and growth for our economy, helping small and medium sized businesses develop low carbon technologies. These projects are strong on their own, but by working together they promise to deliver even greatern impact. Collectively they form a comprehensive, coherent and integratedn work programme that will increase the extent of quality of knowledge exchange with industry."

Dr Andy Kerr, Executive Director for the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation said: “The Edinburgh Centre is delighted to host the launch of this excellent collaboration of projects. This spirit of collaboration is a distinguishing feature of Scotland and indeed the Centre itself and we look forward to working together with the partnership to help achieve our shared target of creating a low carbon economy.”

Professor Jim McDonald, Chair of the Energy Technology Partnership and Principal of the University of Strathclyde,n said:  “I am delighted with this significant investment and very npleased that the ETP is a part of this exciting new collaborative npartnership to deliver energy and low carbon support to Scottish business. It is fitting that this launch is taking place at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation where collaboration between academia, business and government is already a work in progress.”

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