Embodiedâ™ exhibition by Arts Space Nature students installed at ECCI

03 April 2015

ECCI will be home to ‘Embodied’ a unique exhibition of art works responding to carbon in its many forms by students of the Edinburgh College Art Space Nature for the next fortnight.

As part of the annual collaboration between the Edinburgh College of Art and the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, students of the Art Space Nature programme show a series of provocative works that explore visual and interactive stimuli in the context of ECCI’s multi-faceted approach to creating a low carbon future.

Student practitioners are mixed-discipline (architecture, design, sculpture, fine art, landscape architecture), work individually and in groups.

Also part of EISF2015 with a special opening night showcase on Friday April 17th.

More information & tickets: http://edinburghcentre.org/events/EISF2015

Pictured: Work by Yanli Shen