Real Time Energy Monitoring Underway at ECCI

12 February 2014

ECCI has enlisted the help of Meterology to install a 'Real-time' energy monitoring system in our new home at High School Yards.

Electricity and heat use data is taken straight from a system of metres in the building's plant room and displayed on digital screens around the building.

Link: ECCI's Real Time Energy Data

As well as providing comprehensive data to building manangers, the clever interface allows users and visitors to the building to engage with the building's energy use. It is hoped this will have a positive impact on their own choices and behaviours.

ECCI is also currently working with artists, including a cohort at the Edinburgh College of Art's 'Art, Space, Nature' MSc programme, to come up with creative ways to display and translate the data to users and visitors to the building. Watch this space for more details as the projects unfold...

Link: ECCI's Real Time Energy Data