Snap up free expert research for start-ups

18 October 2017

Are you a start-up or SME? Looking for some expert research at no cost to your business? Get in touch!

ECCI is delighted to announce the relaunch of our successful Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) innovation programme - the scheme that matches low carbon businesses (start-ups, SMEs) and third sector organisations with an expert researcher studying for a PhD in the field of Geosciences.

All internships are fully funded by NERC (at no cost to the business) and run from November 2017 - April 2018.  Students can be based at ECCI HQ in central Edinburgh or at the company premises for the duration of the internship.

As part of the 2016/17 programme 13 partnerships were secured, including a successful match for Mocean Energy (pictured above), who worked with a student to validate the market for renewable energy and wave energy in the marine aquaculture industry. The company has since launched a project valued at £730K having secured a place on Stage 2 of the Wave Energy Scotland Novel Wave Energy Converter program.

Mocean Energy's intern and PhD student Nazil Koseoglu conducted market research and enagaged with potential future customers and other stakeholders to assess their needs and values as well as their interest in using renewable energy and wave energy to provide power for their fish farm.

Cameron McNatt said: “We are very excited about the project! We expect big developments in our technology which will hopefully have broader impacts on the wave energy sector. Mocean Energy is developing a wave energy converter that can produce significant energy, is mechanically simple, and can survive large storms. Our business model is to develop small devices for niche applications such as offshore platforms and fish farms, which will reduce cost and risk and provide a pathway to the utility market.”

Nazil Koseoglu, NERC DTP Student, said: "I gained confidence that my expertise and the skills I learned through my PHD are also useful outside of academia".

If you are interested in submitting a research project for consideration, or have any questions, contact Katherine Maxwell ( by Monday 23 October 2017.