World AI expert, award-winning journalist and fossil-free island pioneer join panel for Future My Love screening

25 March 2015

ECCI announces a stellar line up of future-facing creative thinkers from the world of politics, journalism, science, art and technology for its Science Festival kick-off event - a bike-powered screening of award-winning ‘Green Documentary’ Future My Love.

The screening will be followed by a panel debate with the film’s producer, Sonja Henrici, fossil-free island pioneer Soren Hermansen, award winning broadcaster, journalist and campaigner Lesley Riddoch and world leading AI expert Austin Tate. Audience members will also be invited to participate.

Future-facing panel

Soren Hermansen is director of Samso Energy Island’s Energy Academy. In 1997 Samsoe became Denmark’s (first) Sustainable Energy Island and achieved self-sufficiency in sustainable energy within 10 years.

Lesley Riddoch is an awarding winning writer, journalist, campaigner and broadcaster who writes regularly for the Scotsman, Guardian and in her blog. Lesley recently published a book: ‘Blossom: What Scotland Needs To Flourish’, which relates stories of Scots who’ve struggled against the odds to improve their communities.

Austin Tate is a world expert on AI, his research includes Artificial Intelligence, robotics and telecommand and control of deep spacecraft. Austin is Director of the Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute (AIAI) and holds the Personal Chair of Knowledge-Based Systems at the University of Edinburgh.

Future My Love, by Maja BorgAt the brink of losing the idealistic love of her life, filmmaker Maja Borg takes us on a poetic road trip through the financial collapse, exploring a radically different economic and social model proposed by 95-year-old futurist Jacque Fresco. Winner of the Green Doc award at Dokufest 2013.

ECCI at Edinburgh International Science Festival

For the first time ever ECCI is partnering with the Edinburgh’s annual Science Festival: the world’s first celebration of science and technology and still one of Europe’s largest.

Under the banner of 'What does a low carbon future look like?', ECCI will open its doors for two days of action packed events, including a one of performance from automotive adventurer, comedian and writer Robert Llewellyn, a bike-powered screening of experimental documentary Future My Love and a chance to poke around the latest electric and hydrogen vehicles in our future vehicle showcase.

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