Global Sustainability Jams out at ECCI

12 December 2014

ECCI was the venue for the University of Edinburgh's first Global Sustainability Jam -  a 3 day marathon event aimed at taking a creative, collaborative approach to developing viable solutions to a global sustainability issue.

40 students took part in the challenge to 'Rethink Sustainability' in only 48 hours.

People interested in a design-based approach to creativity will met at locations all over the globe. Service designers, object designers, sustainability experts, professors, business people, teachers, hackers, makers, artists, students, kids, mums and grandpas - formed teams and worked together for 48 hours to create brand-new real-world ideas which can make that little difference.

The ECCI team helped out by offering expert advice and judging the final ideas. ECCI's partners on the BRIDGE project, over from Jamaica on a fact-fidning mission about Sustainable Island communities, also joined the judging panel.

Edinburgh's Jams

Congratulations to WINNING team Team Passion Fruit with their idea for Reducing Waste Culture.

The judges thought the idea could solve multiple social, environmental issues such as reducing transportation, packaging, enhancing recycling, healthy eating, choice etc and created a convenient solution for the consumer at the same time as reducing waste.

Runner ups

Team Cranberry- Reducing Supermarket Food and Packaging Footprint - labelling, integrated dispensers and 'earth points'.

BlueBerry Jam- Reducing Waste - using incentives to recycle plastic bottles.

Rethinking Carbon - Low Carbon business is good business.

Rubarb and Mint- Smart Energy Ville - Bills are too complex - simplify them and use peer pressure to encourage behaviour change.

Cloudberry - the need to reconnect with food, the opportunities for social benefit and skills and helping the disadvantaged.

Take part next year

To find out more and book your place on next year's event visit the GSJ Edinburgh's Facebook page: