Horizon 2020 Smart Specialisation Project

16 November 2016

ECCI recently won a bid as a key partner in the market engagement aspect of the H2020 Smart Specialisation Platform - including developing the methodologies, ICT platform and eventually the new online tools to be introduced to support practitioners and strategists alike to apply smart specialisation effectively. ECCI is one of 11 key partners who will work with lead partner, RTDI Research, Technology Development and Innovation. RTDI specialise in the ideation and development of R&D and technology innovation projects towards launching new products or services with market potential. They support projects along their whole life cycle, from the building of the idea to the exploitation of results - ECCI will work with all the partners to deliver the project by May 2018.

ECCI's key activity within the partnership is delivery of a pilot to test the tools of the new online platform with public and private stakeholders in Scotland.

ECCI's Head of Innovation & Enterprise, Ed Craig, attended the launch of the S3Online Horizon 2020 project in Madrid Spain. This €4 million project was the only one of 16 proposals approved through the ISSI H2020 call launched in Autumn 2015 and focuses on the creation and piloting of novel and practical online tools to support the knowledge and application of ‘smart specialisation’ strategies by public, private, academic and third sector agencies utilising European funding to drive sustainable economic development and effective regional innovation. ECCI will lead the pilot activity in Scotland, building an effective network of EU project practicioners, policy makers active in the innovation and regional development eco-system and have significant input in the methodology and tool development process. This project is seen as a key asset to the European Commissions strategy to embed smart specialisation into all national and regional government innovation strategies and associated projects. 

This project aims to develop an e-­policy platform, augmented with a toolbox of applications and online services, which will assist national and regional authorities in the EU in elaborating on, or revising their smart specialisation agenda, in terms of policies and strategy. The platform will leverage existing methodologies, initiatives and tools developed by the EC for the RIS3 strategy, but it will also investigate, develop and test new and innovative technologies, tools and services aiming to strengthen the European capacity for knowledge-­‐based policy advice. The platform and the accompanied services will constitute an online mechanism for policy advice, integrated with a well defined, commonly accepted and broadly used methodology for regional policy (RIS3 Guide). Data and sources of information to feed the platform and the services will be collected from institutional websites, RSS feeds, online databases, newsgroups and web forums, social networks data, web analytics, content management systems, measurement scoreboards, focus groups, and other online mechanisms for collaboration and policy co-­‐design, and assessment. Taken together, these elements and architecture of integration will offer online all the necessary tools, methods, and roadmap to assist the elaboration, implementation, and impact analysis of smart specialisation policies.

For more information visit the H2020 website (http://s3platform.jrc.ec.europa.eu/) or contact Ed Craig directly.