HKCCI unveils new support packages to help businesses break into Asia

17 July 2017

ECCI’s Hong Kong base, HKCCI, has recently unveiled a new package of services to help low carbon entrepreneurs access the Hong Kong, Chinese and Singaporean markets. We caught up with HKCCI CEO Dr Shelley Zhou to get the lowdown.

What is HKCCI all about, in a nutshell?

We’re a knowledge broker. We bring world-class low carbon solutions and technologies from the UK to Hong Kong and China – helping them run demonstration projects, create new business partnerships and reach new markets for their products and services.

How did HKCCI come about?

Our centre builds upon a 2013 memorandum of understanding between the Hong Kong and Scottish Governments to develop closer partnerships to address the key challenges of climate change and a lower carbon economy.

We’re now a company owned by the University of Edinburgh, and supported by our colleagues in ECCI.

What opportunities does Hong Kong’s sustainability scene offer?

Hong Kong has a great base of expertise in sustainability strategies for larger companies and corporates, retrofitting energy saving to existing buildings, and sustainable and low carbon construction.

Hong Kong’s legal, intellectual property and cultural history also make it an excellent staging post/landing pad for launching into wider Asian markets such as China.

Tell us about how HKCCI’s Acceleration Service works.

Our new Acceleration Service offers customised services to enterprises to help them to enter the market in Hong Kong, Singapore and China.

Our Exploring Package helps companies to understand local market opportunities, providing market research and analysis and access to expert networks.

Our Market Presence Package, which includes the Exploring Package, also supports enterprises with company and trademark registration, provides a local business representative and virtual office, and offers accounting and auditing support.

The most advanced package, Operation Establishment, provides desk and meeting space, market entry research, supplier sourcing and support with business operations such as recruitment, payroll and visas.

We also offer one-off market review and market entry research and analysis.

What market are you are targeting with this service?

My own background in sustainability and having access to ECCI’s low carbon expertise and networks means we are primarily targeting companies providing low carbon services or products, or which are able to displace higher carbon activity.   

More broadly, we are also aiming to target biomedical engineering and informatics innovations, two key areas for the University of Edinburgh. 

What’s the ultimate goal of your Acceleration Service?

A win-win situation for both sides. Scottish companies get support to expand their business into a bigger market; Hong Kong and China gain access to new innovative solutions to reduce their carbon emissions.

What drives your work?

Being able to use my passion to learn new things, and my skills to make things happen – as well as my sustainability expertise to support and embed new low carbon technologies.

What is your greatest achievement?

Establishing the Hong Kong Jockey Club’s sustainability function from scratch, and developing a carbon management syllabus for undergraduate and postgraduate students at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

What’s the first thing you do when you get in the office?

Due to the time difference between Hong Kong and the UK, I always log on first thing to check what’s arrived in my inbox overnight. Then I grab a coffee while I review my to-do list for the day.

What do you enjoy most about being linked to Scotland?

The opportunity to learn about new ideas and technologies – Scotland is a hotbed of innovation. And, surprisingly, I quite like haggis!