ECCI Abuzz with Hong Kong Start Up Fever

19 June 2014

ECCI was abuzz with an extra portion of start up fever yesterday as delegates from partners Invest Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Science & Innovation Park made a special visit to Edinburgh.

The international delegation had travelled from a London start up summit for a joint seminar highlighting opportunities for investing & locating low carbon business in Hong Kong and ECCI's plans to open a local centre in 2015.

Simon Galpin, Director General of Invest Hong Kong discussed the new 'Start-me-up' initiative launched in London the previous day and the work of Invest HK, aimed at providing resources and support to UK enterprises in Hong Kong.

Galpin highlighted the unique opportunities available to start ups in Hong Kong including its proximity to enormous business and consumer markets in China and the rest of Asia, low taxes for enterprise and a highly efficient ICT infastructure. The densely populated urban island also boasts more skycrapers than any other city, the world's fastest internet connection and an average of nearly 2.5 mobile phones for every citizen.

Hong Kong has more skyscrapers than any other city and the world's fastest internet connection*

Drawing attention to the environmental challenges within Hong Kong, the Pearl River Delta region of China and beyond, Invest Hong Kong's chief also desctibed the huge market opportunity in the area for enterprises with expertise, services and products related to air and water quality, waste management, and energy-efficient buildings.

Huge market opportunities in air and water quality, waste management, and energy-efficient buildings*


Ed Craig, ECCI's Head of Enterprise and Innovation, and Bjorn Segerblom, Europe's External Representative for the HK Science and Technology Park, also shared ECCI's plans for a new Hong Kong Knowledge Exchange Centre, due to open in early 2015. The Centre will act as a hub for Scottish enterprise and organisation's looking to take advantage of these emerging markets and locate low carbon products and services in Hong Kong.

ECCI's Hong Kong plans are truly unique and very exciting - Bjorn Segerblom, HKKEC

Bjorn Segerblom said: "ECCI is planning something truly unique and very exciting in Hong Kong. We at the HK Science and Technology Park are really looking forward to working in partnership with ECCI - it's a marriage made in heaven."

The event was attended by organisations and enterprises interested in trading and developing a base in Hong Kong who also heard from panellists from Edinburgh Napier University, BRE and University of Edinburgh Business School - all with experience of doing business in Hong Kong.

ECCI Hong Kong Centre

ECCI is hosting a series of information events in the build up to the opening in Decemeber 2014. Keep in touch with our plans by signing up for alerts:

ECCI, in partnership with public, private and university partners, is set to open a Low Carbon Knowledge Exchange office in Hong Kong by 2015.

The centre is designed as a soft landing pad to enable Scottish companies to engage with the huge emerging markets for low carbon products and services to improve air and water quality, waste management, and provide for energy-efficient buildings within the Pearl River Delta region of China and beyond.

It will also provide the space and place to share knowledge between Hong Kong and Scotland and builds on a Memorandum of Understanding signed to that effect between the two respective governments last year and will complement other knowledge exchange initiatives by universities, for example on carbon capture and storage “know-how”, elsewhere in China.

Presentation Slides & Links

Welcome & Introduction to ECCI, Andy Kerr, Executive Director

ECCI & Partners in Hong Kong - Ed Craig, Head of Enterprise & Innovation

Why Hong Kong? The HK 'Start-me-up' Initiative - Simon Galpin, Director General, Invest Hong Kong

Panel Session chaired by ECCI with representatives from:

  • James Brodie, Manager & China Business Adviser Scotland CBBC

  • Bjorn Segerblom, External Representative Europe, HK Science and Technology Park:

  • Xi Lang, Senior Lecturer in Energy Finance, University of Edinburgh Business School

  • Wendy Nicholson, Business Development Manager, ERI:

  • Rufus Logan, Director Scotland BRE:

All panellists have experience of developing and working in Hong Kong and/or developing exciting new initiatives to enable more effective knowledge exchange and working relationships with Hong Kong.

Our Experience of Hong Kong, Edinburgh Napier University - Karen Cairney Director International, Development and External Affairs

International Strategy and Enterprise Support - Simon Wallace, Senior Energy Sector Manager, Scottish Development International

Scotland & Asia: Working Together

The recent Memorandum of Understanding between the Hong Kong Government and the Scottish Government aims to develop closer partnerships between Hong Kong and Scotland to address the key challenges presented through climate change and our transition to a lower carbon economy.

Scotland is increasingly viewed as having a leadership role in the design and implementation of creative and effective policy, innovation and learning practices to help regional and national progression to a lower carbon society and economy.


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