ECCI Ideas Lab Resident Launches Sustainable Fashion App

15 January 2015

An app that revolutionises the way we choose the colour of our clothes could also promote sustainable fashion practices.

Colour Elements offers personal colour profiling services to customers in retail spaces and the app enables individuals to see which colours of clothes will make them look their best on a digital device.

Company founder, Karen Finlayson said, “Colour Elements products are a quick route to buying clothes that make us look good. We want customers to love their clothes and wear their clothes but at least a third of our clothes lie unworn in wardrobes. That’s not only a waste of the customer’s time and money but harmful pesticides, pollution and bad labour practices are used to produce the clothes that remain unworn. We believe that’s unacceptable and help customers create ‘lean wardrobes’ which are smaller in size but worn more frequently.”

The app, alongside retail staff training, was launched on New Year’s Eve and offers retailers the opportunity to enhance their customers’ retail experience through the personalised service of colour. Not a moment too soon for customers or the environment.

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