Ideas Lab residents go full steam ahead with feasibility studies

26 June 2015

It's been a great couple of weeks for ECCI's Low Carbon Ideas Lab residents with two residents securing investment to push ahead with essential plans to test their ideas at scale for the first time.

Founder of Town Rock Energy David Townsend is part of the successful consortium that has won Scottish Government funding for a geo-thermal energy feasibility study, announced this week.

The consortium working on the Fife Geothermal project includes the British Geological Survey, Ramboll and Town Rock Energy Ltd.

The announcement follows news last week that fellow Ideas Lab residents Water Engine Technology will start construction on their micro hydro test site in the Scottish borders following a successful planning application and success in the Cleantech Innovate competition.

Part of the initial intake of 'Ideas Labbers' last Autumn, Town Rock Energy Ltd applies well-established hydrocarbon exploration techniques combined with thermal modelling to high grade areas for hot water production from geothermal aquifers. 

Fellow founding residents Euan Hogg and Stan Johnston's (pictured) Water Engine Technology company is developing a low-head micro hydro technology called the Water Engine, designed to have minimal impact on river systems. The pair expect to have the feasibility site commissioned by early 2016 and said after winning the Cleantech Innovate pitch in Glasgow:

"This changes everything for us. With the 20,000 EUROS we can forge ahead with our plans for the feasibility site and start showing potential customers what our technology is capable of. It's going to be a very exciting year for the Water Engine!".


Water Engine Technology win Cleantech Innovate's Scotland debut: 

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