Your Voice at Paris Keep Scotland Beautiful consultation

23 November 2015

Keep Scotland Beautiful presented Climate Change Minister, Aileen McLeod, with a report containing the views of more than 800 people in advance of the United Nations Climate Change Conference which takes place in Paris in December.

The report summarises the findings of KSB’s public consultation during the autumn of 2015 on the UN climate change negotiations, the 21st Convention of Parties in Paris (COP21) and included the views of ECCI staff, students and residents.

The summary report and more information can be found here:

Some key highlights include:

● 93% of respondents stated that they were concerned about climate change, demonstrating that people do care about climate change and its impact on them and their environment
● 85% of respondents said that they would like to see a new legally binding international agreement emerging from COP21, this shows that the public would like to see an ambitious deal come out of the Paris talks
● 84% of respondents agreed that action on climate change will improve people’s quality of life, showing that people recognise the co-benefits of action on climate change
● 83% of young people who responded to the consultation said they are worried about their future, if the pace of action on climate change does not increase, highlighting the concern of future generations about this issue.
● Respondents identified wind, solar and tidal and wave technologies as their preferred sources of energy for the future. This demonstrates overwhelming support for renewable and sustainable energy sources