ECCI to Conduct Feasibility Study on Lingang Province, China

20 January 2016

Lingang, a new city being developed in the Shanghai Lingang Province is part of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, with close links and transport to central Shanghai. The area is one of the largest chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing bases for China. The Lingang region and the new city aims to create a Low Carbon eco-system showcasing the best technologies and innovation and creating a research and education centre as well as innovation incubators.

The Shanghai region is currently developing a new city called Lingang which is expected to increase from 30,000 to 900,000 residents by 2020. In addition there will be significant industrial, commercial re-development of the city region including a significant ‘free-trade zone’, industrial and commercial zones with businesses operating under very positive tax regimes as well as domestic and academic infrastructure and engagement. 
This is a key part of Shanghai’s current 5-year plan to increase activity in promoting and enabling sustainable economic development. The Shanghai Lingang province (a key area of the Shanghai region and encompassing part of the crucial free trade zone) development will be spearheaded by the Lingang Low Carbon Valley project – a key initiative in the 5-year plan that aims to create:
• A leading low carbon ‘eco-system’ in China that will use and demonstrate low carbon technologies through research, innovation and partnership working.
• Global and national low carbon ‘knowledge triangle’ partnerships
• Attract enterprises and organisations with proven and tested technologies for application, manufacture and scaling in China
• Local provision of low carbon education and skills

The aim is to replicate and scale low carbon tech, products and services, initially throughout the Shanghai region and then throughout China. The area will attract global recognition for events and expo activities – providing thought leadership and a forum for low carbon world city development strategies as well as a business accelerator and education and research institution.

ECCI have been engaged with Shanghai Lingang Province, its partners and consultants since December 2014 including facilitating participation of Scottish SMEs in the 2nd Lingang Low Carbon Conference in January 2015 and hosting a senior delegation of Shanghai Lingang Province leaders in Scotland with the University of Edinburgh and the Scottish Government in May 2015. There have been two additional trips to the region in August and December 2015. The Province recently appointed a new consultancy, LCC Low Carbon Communities, as the key communication agent for the partnership and project development of the Shanghai Lingang Low Carbon Valley initiative.



The University of Edinburgh and ECCI have engaged with Shanghai Jiatong University (SJU) and recently signed an historic MOU to create the first Sino-UK Low Carbon College in the new city of Lingang. See related story

ECCI will deliver an initial scoping and feasibility study of the region and the opportunities for Scottish businesses to Scottish Development International (SDI). The study will include direct engagement and market research with key businesses and sectors in Scotland to assess the needs, risks and levels of support required.