National Centre for Resilience launched at Crichton Campus by Environment Minister

24 March 2016

Scotland's new National Centre for Resilience (NCR) has been officially launched by the Environment Minister, Dr Aileen McLeod, at the University's Crichton Campus in Dumfries.

ECCI Executive Director Dr. Andy Kerr chairs the NCR Research and Training Working Group.

The NCR, which will have its core staffing presence on the Crichton Campus, is set to become a "centre for excellence" focusing on natural hazards, said Dr McLeod.

It will work to enhance Scotland's resilience and the steps that can be taken to ensure that local communities are fully and adequately prepared for natural hazards such as flooding and landslides.

Speaking at the launch in Dumfries, Dr McLeod said: "Frequent severe weather, like we have witnessed this winter with the likes of Storms Desmond, Eva and Frank, can disrupt the lives of individuals and communities. Preparing society to help with adaptation measures is key if the impact of climate change on communities - particularly those most vulnerable - is to be reduced.

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