ECCI hosts Net Things Demo

27 June 2013

ECCI recently hosted the first public demonstration of a brand new suite of products and services from the makers of Ewgeco.

Guests at the 'Evening with NetThings' were treated to an informal presentation and live demonstration of the suite of Smart Energy Management Solutions designed to allow users to monitor, manage and automate energy management in the home and at work.

The system allows users to access cloud based data from appliances like heating, lighting and alarm systems via tablet and mobile devices, translating energy data into a simple user-led traffic light system and allowing users to then manage the systems from any location. 

During the live demo Chief Technology Officer Harry Bach used the example of a coffee shop manager or pharmacist tasked with reducing their shop's energy use. Rather than the exisiting method of presenting energy use in terms of kilowatt hours via lengthily weekly reports, the Net Things solution translates the raw data on energy used and saved into terms the manager can understand, in these cases sales of cups of coffee or prescriptions, as wel as automating reports to tablet and mobile devices and allowing data to be shared easily among management teams.

The launch marks a move away from a manufacturing to server-based approach for the company and comes after a year in which Ewgeco more than doubled its annual revenue from £350,000 to £750,000 for the 12 months to the end of April.

you can't stand still in business - George McGhee, CEO

CEO George McGhee said: "In order to stay profitable in business you can't stand still. With Net Things we're moving the company forward into the exciting stage of development".

ECCI first worked with Ewgeco back in 2010, providing expert review and validation of data to enable Ewgeco to present independently validated case studies to take to potential new clients. The company has since exhibited at the Scottish Low Carbon Investment Conference and the EIE13 investor showcase with ECCI support. 



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