New Adaptation Science Officer for ECCI team

01 May 2013

The ECCI team was bolstered this week by the appointment of Joseph Hagg. Joe is taking up the post of Adaptation Science Officer (Adaptation Scotland).

Joseph provides expert advice on climate change to a wide range of Scottish stakeholders as part of the Adaptation Scotland programme, which he joined in 2009.

He takes a lead on communicating complex information to a wide range of audiences and developing effective use of climate and adaptation science to support decision-making. He has a background in GIS, policy and research in geomorphology and palaeo environmental reconstruction.

He said: “I’m excited to be joining ECCI – linking the Adaptation Scotland programme with the wide range of innovation taking place at the centre – as we all seek to meet the challenges posed by our changing climate.”

Joseph will work closely with Adaptation Scotland and ECCI's policy unit - ClimateXchange.

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