RACCE (Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment) Committee MSPs visit ECCI’s innovative green building

28 January 2014

MSPs from the RACCE Committee visited ECCI to hear about the Centre’s unique new low carbon building and the work of ECCI’s policy focused partner organisation ClimateXChange.

ClimateXChange is the Scottish Government’s independent expert, providing timely and objective research evidence and expert advice on issues relating to climate change and the transition to a low carbon economy.

MSPs were keen to understand more about the innovative low carbon features that have helped the building (at High School Yards in Edinburgh's Old Town) win the title of the UK’s most sustainable historic building at design stage. Sustainable building assessors BRE will release the construction phase assessment in another six months.

As well as a guided tour of the building, also on the agenda was ECCI’s role in building Scotland’s low carbon economy and in particular, ClimateXChange’s unique approach to brokering knowledge between research and policy teams in the Scottish Government.

It’s fantastic to get up close to such an innovative, sustainable and historic building - Rob Gibson, MSP

RACCE Convener Rob Gibson MSP said: “It’s fantastic to get out and about to see ECCI in operation and get up close to such an innovative, sustainable and historic building. The RACCE Committee looks forward to hearing more about ECCI’s role in building Scotland’s low carbon economy as we progress to 2020”.


ClimateXChange is a flexible, practical and hands-on partner, engaging with science institutions nationally and internationally to access world leading climate change research. ClimateXChange is a virtual centre involving 16 research and higher education institutions across Scotland, responding to policy questions raised by the Scottish Government through independent, evidence based research.

ClimateXChange work in partnership to provide the Scottish Government with the very best scientific advice and to put this evidence at the heart of policy development:

• a call-down service for Scottish Government policy teams;
• near-term (3-12 months) research work planned with the Scottish Government, organised into Adaptation and Mitigation workstreams, which are linked on cross-cutting issues;
• co-developing research projects with Scottish Government and agencies; and
• proactive support through intelligence and professional opinion on medium-term and over-the-horizon issues.

All briefs and reports are made available on climatexchange.org.uk.

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