ROBERT LLEWELLYN set to recharge at ECCI on the final leg of his electric odyssey around the British Isles.

09 April 2015

Robert Llewellyn, star of cult 90s SCi Fi TV show Red Dwarf, will arrive at ECCI on the final leg of an uncharted journey to travel the length and breadth of the country in an electric car next week.

As part of ECCI's first event series for the Edinburgh International Science Festival, Robert Lewellyn - actor, comedian, writer and star of hit Fringe 2014 show ELECTRIC CARS ARE RUBBISH. AREN'T THEY? – makes a special stop at ECCI to recharge his batteries and share stories of his unprecedented automotive adventure.

Follow Robert's journey from Bristol, via Orkney to Edinburgh from the 16th April on Google Plus and Twitter:


Robert Llewellyn said:

“I've driven many thousand's of miles in electric cars, but not usually in under 3 days. This journey to get to Edinburgh is fairly ridiculous, I didn't plan to do it, it just sort of happened. The car I'm driving will help, the already legendary BMW i8, a plug in hybrid supercar, so I'm not exactly slumming it.

However, I will be seeing and filming some amazing renewable things on the way and no doubt reinforcing my conviction that there truly are viable, economically advantageous alternatives to burning fossil fuels emerging all the time.”

For the first time ever ECCI is partnering with the Edinburgh’s annual Science Festival: the world’s first celebration of science and technology and still one of Europe’s largest.

Under the banner of 'What does a low carbon future look like?', ECCI will open its doors for two days of action packed events, including a one of performance from automotive adventurer, comedian and writer Robert Llewellyn, a bike-powered screening of experimental documentary Future My Love and a chance to poke around the latest electric and hydrogen vehicles in our future vehicle showcase.

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