Community Energy Business Forum launched at ECCI

12 April 2012

ECCI's reputation as a hub for the low carbon community was further cemented when the Centre teamed up with SCENE (Sustainable Community Energy Network) in creating a business forum to discuss community renewable energy. (Join the coversation@EdCentreCC #lowcarbonhub)

The event brought together business, local authority and academic representatives to:

• Explore examples of community engagement as a key factor in renewable project success;

• Spread ideas of best-practice models for community engagement by the private sector;

• Delve into issues and opportunities in community renewable technologies

Visit the SCENE event page to view all the presentations form the day:

  • Community Renewables In Scotland (Bomberg & McEwen)

  • The Case for Co-Ownership (Harnmeijer & Harnmeijer)

  • How Effective Engagement Brings Business (Schlicke)

  • Why Communities Need Allies in Business (Lyth)

SCENE is a sustainable community engagement and energy financing network that understands trends and overcomes barriers to local nrenewable energy development by promoting models of best practice and nstreamlining investment in community-owned projects. SCENE fills the engagement gap between investors and ncommunities by building cross-sector partnerships between project leads,n consultants, turnkey providers and financiers.

For more information visit: