ECCI residents Scene Consulting shortlisted for Business Green Technology Awards

02 November 2015

A mobile and web platform developed through a collaboration of ECCI founding residents Scene Consulting and the University of Edinburgh has been shortlisted for the Business Green Technology Awards.

Urjaa Samadhan connects people with broken solar equipment to people who can fix it.

Developed through a collaboration of Scene Consulting and the University of Edinburgh, the Urjaa Samadhan project has developed rapidly in the last few months.

Recently the project team visited Odisha, India to finalise the technology and to be initiate the formation of multiple pilot projects. The pilot projects will begin next month, when several of Scene’s staff are revisiting a variety of locations around the state of Odisha.

With ongoing development of the platform, the pilot studies will test the functionality of the platform as well as its impact. Successful piloting will allow full deployment of Urjaa Samadhan, enhancing the lives of thousands through clean energy and commercial opportunities.

Topolytics make the shortlist

Topolytics - a company supported by ECCI’s Low Carbon Innovation project - have also been shortlisted as a 'Smart City Technology of the Year':

Vijay Bhopal explains how ECCI has supported the development of his company Scene Consulting.

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