Forget dancing robots, find out the where the future of Scottish Science lies with ECCI Director Andy Kerr

05 April 2012

ECCI Executive Director Andy Kerr has a tough act to follow today after a troupe of dancing robots made a splash at the Edinburgh Science Festival yesterday. Unlike the five mini humanoid robots that previewed a choreographed dance routine, Dr Kerr will remain firmly seated alongside his fellow panel members to try to find out what Scotland will look like in 2030.

Along with BBC Scotland presenter Ken MacDonald, the Science Festival’s Ian Ritchie and Joyce Tait, The Innogen Scientific Advisory from the University of Edinburgh, the panel will explore the opportunities and challenges facing the nation and ask ‘who decides where the priorities lie?’. With competing and complex issues on the horizon, and limited funding available in a uncertain financial future, what are the future priorities for policy and funding? Will the big issues of today – climate change/energy, healthcare and reform, transport, GM – still have relevance, or will new, bigger problems have taken their place?

Although the dancing robots and Dr Kerr won’t be sharing a stage on this occasion, the science being developed by Professor Sethu Vijayakumar and his team to recreate how humans use their muscles to store and use energy to optimise their power and efficiency has real relevance to the work going on at the Centre, particularly for optimising energy generating technology within the renewable energy sector. Watch this space for developments.

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