Smart Accelerator Projects Return from Inspiring International Visits

06 March 2015

ECCI’s 18-month, £1.2 million Smart Accelerator project aims to accelerate the development of major smart city and sustainable island projects in Scotland, based on international good practice, working with innovative and agile small- and medium-sized enterprises, and drawing on the expert know-how of Scottish companies and Universities.

A key outcome of the Smart Accelerator is to engage with international good practice, drawing on and applying knowledge developed elsewhere to reap benefits for Scottish cities and regions.

Pictured: Samso 'Energy Island' in Denmark.

As part of this deliverable the Smart Accelerator has coordinated and funded a number of international good practice trips – involving a range of delegates from Scottish councils and cities, from Edinburgh to Orkney.

These trips, arranged over 2014/2015 will form the basis of the international good practice support and provide a framework for examining and engaging with good practice models and projects across Europe and Asia.

The team will report back to colleagues at ECCI this week after the first round of trips in February to Copenhagen and Berlin.

Smart Accelerator

The Smart Accelerator is a partnership ERDF project and is supported by the Scottish Government, Scottish Enterprise, Highlands & Islands Enterprise, Scottish Cities Alliance and the University of Edinburgh.

The Smart Accelerator creates the enabling framework for 'smart' city regions and sustainable islands projects to be delivered in Scotland.

It does this by:

• Combining resources across projects to create economies of scale

• Stimulating international knowledge exchange and good practice

• Engaging with and partnering innovative SMEs

• Using the Scottish research base to support competitive ideas

• Coordinating multiple public sector agency support. The projects we select and focus on are at the intersection of low carbon mobility, energy and the use of proven technology to enable smarter and more sustainable cities, communities and islands.

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