Smart Accelerator Opportunities for SMEs

19 March 2014

ECCI recently launched the 18 month £1.2 million Smart Accelerator. 

The project aims to identify, support and accelerate the formation, packaging and financing of up to 12 Scottish project partnerships that support Scotland’s transition to a low carbon economy and society through creating smarter and more sustainable cities, communities and islands. 

Smart Accelerator will create the enabling framework for at least 12 “smart” city regions and sustainable islands projects to be delivered in Scotland combining resources, research and talent, and by engaging with and partnering innovative SMEs.

The Smart Accelerator project wants to actively engage with the SME community by:

  • Gathering project ideas from SMEs and adding them to the Accelerator long list for evaluation

  • Involving SMEs when the short list of projects has been selected by either using and paying for their expertise and knowledge to move the projects forwards or by using their products within the proposed supply chain

  • Making funding available to provide key resources to support projects move forwards. 

How to get involved:

If you would like your company to be involved when the shortlist of projects has been selected, please email the address below with a brief summary of your products and services and your contact details: by April 16th 2014.

Or if you would like to submit a project idea please follow the process outlined online: date March 28th 2014.

Event: March 27th 2014: The Smart Grid Challenge: Innovation in grid, smart meters and data analytics

This event focuses on improving awareness among Scottish SMEs of the challenges and opportunities presented by the emerging smart grid, smart meter and smart data markets.

Register now via eventbrite:  

Presented by the Energy Technology Partnership (ETP), ScotlandIS (the trade body for the Digital Technologies Industry in Scotland) and the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI).

Attendees - expected from Scottish companies in the ICT, software and energy sectors – will be provided with an overview of the global and UK opportunities from two key players in this exciting emerging market, IBM and CGI. They will also hear from a Scottish utility on new developments in grid and data innovation, and from a number of small companies pursuing new smart grid and smart meter opportunities.

A guest speaker from the University of Strathclyde will also provide an overview of the role of data and data analytics in the utility sector and the ETP/ ECCI will provide information on the support mechanisms available to support SMEs in relation to innovation around low carbon products and services.

The event will also represent a formal meeting of Scotland IS's Low Carbon Working Group.