Speed Limits fuel 2020 Group's first public engagement seminar

05 February 2013

The first in a series of public engagement seminars being run by Scotland's 2020 Climate Group kicks off this week with ECCI support. They have been created to offer spaces for new conversations around some of the more challenging issues facing Scotland in regards to climate change.

This first seminar will address the economic, environmental and social impacts speed limits have on our low carbon ambitions and will use research commissioned by ECCI to inform the debate. Is the "need for speed" at odds with our vision for a low carbon Scotland? Do we need to put the brakes on to reduce emissions? 

The research was featured in an article in the Scotsman by Alastair Dalton this week.

The event will explore the wider issues around a measure that could help reduce Scotland’s carbon output e.g potential impacts on health, road traffic accidents etc. We also hope the debate will open up the larger and more complex discussions that are too often missing from mainstream media coverage.

The purpose is for the event to be lively and engaging, with a wide, mixed and participative audience. The format will take the style of some "quick fire" inputs from a panel of high profile key speakers, before moving on to an open forum.

The seminar will include inputs from:

  • The Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation - who will present key findings from the ECCI report on speed limits produced for the 2020 Climate Group

  • Phil Flanders, Director of Road Haulage Association Scotland and Northern Ireland – who will address the economic impacts speed limits have within the freight industry and business sector

  • Mike Robinson, Chief Executive of Royal Scottish Geographical Society – to explore the wider issues around transport in Scotland

  • Ed Gillespie, the provocative co-founder of Futerra, the sustainability communications agency - who will address the social and cultural context around reduced speeds and our love of cars.

You can book tickets for this FREE event by registering HERE: http://2020climateevents.eventbrite.co.uk/